What People Say

 "Taking my six-month-old to Music Together® was one of the best things that I did for us. Getting us out of the house to participate in a community was a stroke of sanity for me! It gave me fun ways to engage with her and sing to her (other than a handful of nursery rhymes I remembered from my own childhood). I knew that as she got older she would choose the music that we listen to, and so I wanted to start her off empowered on that journey. It was amazing to watch her recognize songs as I sung them to her, or click sticks together in time. We both felt proud of ourselves as we discovered our ability to make music! We also used the CD as a familiar transition tool when leaving her with a babysitter. One of my favorite parts of Music Together is the mixed-age class. Not only did it give her a chance to interact with kids of other ages, but I got to learn from other parents and see what was coming next for us. The older kids then get a chance to practice being kind to the little ones. Overall I'm super glad that we have found Music Together and look forward to watching our daughter grow in her musical development." - Katie & Maddie

"My daughter Emerson (1.5 years old) has been doing Music Together with Sproutsongs since before she was born.  Tonight when she was finishing her meal, she put the rest of her ham from her tray onto the table and said "All done...Bum Bum," just like Ms. Catherine does when we put away the instruments.  I was just so happy she did not swipe all of her food on the ground. Thank you, Sproutsongs!"- Beth & Emmy 

"Margaret's energy and excitement for music is so contagious! Music would not be the same without her." - Elizabeth, Anna, and Henry
"Ms. Catherine is FANTASTIC! She's a wonderful teacher and interacts with all the kids. She is very creative with the music and loves to get us up and moving around. We look forward to seeing her every week to see what she has in store for us. We Heart You, Ms. Catherine!"
"Music Together with Catherine has been such a wonderful experience for both me and my daughter Hannah. Hannah has developed an insatiable love for music of all kinds. The class has given us a great opportunity to interact with other kids and mothers and develop a new social circle. We can't wait for the next semester to start."- Leslie & Hannah

 "In MT with Catherine, my 15 month-old daughter quickly learned to look forward to "music class."  I feel like the experience has encouraged her to embrace all kinds of music. Catherine creates such a warm, welcoming, and FUN environment in which everyone can explore rhythm and melody together."- Jennifer & Penny

"My three year-old daughter had so much fun at Music Together with Catherine as her teacher, and so did I! Catherine intuitively knows what children enjoy and is able to make any song come alive for them. The children in our class were drawn to her and the music. She teaches the parents musical techniques that are easy to incorporate into a child's daily activity."- Meredith & Cameron

"We have been doing Music Together for 1.5 years and my 2 1/2 year-old son, Ladd LOVES it. He is an avid singer now. He sings in the car, in Sunday school, and at home.  He remembers songs from three sessions back and the dance/sticks/instruments we would do too. Both of my children can recognize different instruments in various songs as a result of these classes. I love that you get a CD for home and the car. We listen to nothing else in the car. It is a wonderful program."- Beth & Ladd

"Our family loves the Music Together program.  Catherine's vast musical knowledge, enthusiasm, and charisma take this program off the charts; such enrichment is hard to find. Thank you, Catherine."- Marnie, Emma, & Justin

"My son and I truly loved Music Together with Catherine. We would sing together at home...he actually followed along and my voice seemed to improve as well. Thanks." - Christina and Grey 

"Daniel and I both loved doing Music Together with Catherine. It's been so much fun watching him express his musical side. Honestly, not a day goes by that we aren't singing a Music Together song and dancing to it. I can't wait for next semester!"- Leah & Daniel

"My twin girls have always enjoyed listening to music and then we discovered Music Together and they learned to be involved in music. Catherine has truly made the program unique and my children love the class now more than ever. They sing, dance, and make music in and outside of Catherine's class. It has been such a joy to see them develop musical skills so quickly. We are definitely going to continue classes with Catherine at SproutSongs music."- Hillary, Addie, & Eliza

"Ms. Margaret's energy is boundless and her understanding of musical concepts and child development is unmatched! Our family learns so much from her every week and my kids are constantly asking when they can see Ms. Margaret again. 

"Margaret has been a great musical inspiration to both my son and me. She does a wonderful job of encouraging us to be silly and free and to come out of our musical shells. We are always excited to come to the next class and see what special instrument Margaret might bring. I am sure that his experiences participating in Sproutsongs for the past two years (and counting) will be major building blocks for my son's education and music appreciation for years to come. We love Sproutsongs Music!!"- Lindsay and David