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We're taking registrations for upcoming online classes now! 

Special Covid-19 Class Plan: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all Music Together® classes are online at this time on our Social Sprouts private facebook page and in a private Google Classroom for those families not on Facebook. If you would like to enroll in our Winter Music Together mixed-age classes, featuring the Bells collection, please register on our registration page and we will add you to the private Facebook page or the Google classroom starting January 16th. We will be providing two 23-minute pre-recorded Music Together Online class videos per week over a course of 10 weeks. Extra fun activities will also be provided through the family portal in the Family Music Zone at www.musictogether.com. Class songbooks and cds can be picked up or will be mailed out. Email candc1797@aol.com with questions. I hope you will join me this Fall for singing, playing, and fun at home.  We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year so every family that registers will receive a special gift!

Music Together Online Mixed-Age Class (ages birth-5): Our weekly, 45-minute mixed-age family classes include songs, rhythmic chants, movement, instrument play, and of course lots of fun! These activities are presented as informal, non-performance-oriented musical experiences--developmentally appropriate for children and easy for parents and caregivers, regardless of their own musical ability. A CD, an MP3 downloadable version of the song collection, a Songbook, a new family music development booklet, a Music Together growth chart, and access to the Music Together Family Music Zone and free Hello Everybody app are included! 

Please see our Registration Page for our Basic Music Theory Class for Beginners and for Virtual Piano Lessons. 





Music Together Online

During these unprecedented times with the Covid-19 virus around we are unable to meet in person for our group Music Together classes. We are therefore meeting online this summer through two 23-minute video classes per week over a course of 8 weeks. These videos will be posted to our Social Sprouts private facebook page and through a google classroom if you are not on Facebook. Our Social Sprouts page gives our enrolled members a way to connect and interact with each other since we are mostly stuck in our homes. We will guide you through all of the Music Together songs in our new collection just as we would in a regular class. We will sing, dance, and play instruments that you have at home. In this online package there will be also be extra music activities as well in the Family Portal of the Family Music Zone at www.musictogether.com. We will provide you the songbook and cd from our newest collection so you can have it to enjoy at home. This session is a temporary set of classes so that your family can bring The Joy of Family Music® home during difficult times.

Basic Music Theory For Beginners

Our Online Basic Music Theory Course for Beginners will be 30 minutes long, once a week, over an 8 week period. It is open to grown-ups who never learned how to read or understand music, to Music Together graduates with parental assistance, and to anyone who wants to learn. We are still determining if Zoom, Google Meet, or pre-recorded classes will work best for this course. Once registered, you will receive an email with specific directions on how the class will be proceed. Participants will learn how to read notes in different clefs, write music, determine intervals, learn note values and rhythms, distinguish dynamics, learn key signatures, distinguish between melody and harmony, and apply these concepts to different instruments. Access to a piano keyboard of some sort is preferable but not necessary.